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Authors, Trainers & Speakers

John Capecci, communication trainer and author of Living Proof Timothy Cage, communication trainer and author of Living Proof

Since meeting as classmates more than twenty years ago in a graduate school course about the power of stories told out loud, John and Tim have helped thousands of advocates and hundreds of organizations share their stories to increase awareness, educate, create change or raise funds.

Their clients are "ordinary" people and first-time speakers, CEOs, small and large nonprofits, and some of the best-known celebrities, media personalities and professional speakers in the world. John (Minneapolis) and Tim (New York) join forces whenever they can to recapture the rapture of their graduate school days.


John Capecci

John Capecci is a coach, consultant, and writer who helps nonprofits and corporations do award-winning work that touches hearts and turns heads. He's the owner of Capecci Communications, which he founded in 1996 after pivoting from his career as a communication studies professor. He provides clients presentation and media training, story development and coaching, and marketing communications. Frequently invited to speak on the communicative power of narrative, John also volunteers with arts, wellness, and neighborhood organizations, and is co-editor of a best-selling series of monologue anthologies.


Timothy Cage

Tim Cage is a communication trainer who's coached and consulted with award-winning celebrities and sports stars, business and thought leaders, clinical investigators, and everyday advocates who have extraordinary personal stories to share. Before launching Timothy Cage Communication Training in 1993, Tim was vice president of a worldwide PR/public affairs agency, and senior associate at an international communication skills training company. Tim is an original member and former chair of the University of North Carolina's Department of Communication Studies Advisory Board and has provided twenty years of service on the board of directors for Bach Vespers at Holy Trinity in New York City, currently as president.