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Praise for Living Proof . . .

“If we're going to make change, we're going to have to tell our stories and tell them effectively. This book shows us how.”

Paul Loeb
Author, Soul of a Citizen


“As authentic as an advocate's story may be ...it can always be improved in style and delivery; that's the mission of this exceptional instructional guide. ... Smart, well-delivered and timely advice to help advocates and spokespersons tell the most effective stories.”

Kirkus Reviews' Best of 2012


“Everyone's talking about the power of stories these days but we need more resources to help advocates, activists and nonprofit communicators find their own voices, get heard and win real change. Living Proof is a sourcebook for trainers and advocates alike that fills that need. It's full of hands-on exercises, good ideas and useful suggestions.”

Gordon Mayer
National People's Action


“Stories have the power to bind us together, to bridge our differences, to build community. Sometimes the difference between hope and despair is a well-crafted story delivered with passion and focus. Now more than ever, our world needs ordinary people to become master storytellers. This book shows you how.”

Eboo Patel
Founder and President, Interfaith Youth Core and Author, Acts of Faith: The Story of an American Muslim, the Struggle for the Soul of a Generation


“We understand the world through stories. This book will help you understand why that is and how to take advantage of them to make the planet a better place.”

Bill McKibben
Founder, 350.org


“The principles of rhetoric are translated here into contemporary language to make them accessible to anyone who wants to persuade through storytelling. This book provides instructions, examples, and exercises to make your stories come alive. A superb guide.”

Dr. Sonja K. Foss
University of Colorado Denver,
Author, Contemporary Perspectives on Rhetoric


“I have never read a more practical guide to advocacy. This book should be on every library director, trustee and advocate's desk for easy reference. I have already used some tips from the book during a press interaction. With the American Library Association's linking of library advocacy to the phrase 'telling our stories,' there's a natural fit between the content of this clearly written and useful book and the work of library advocates.”

Michael Colford
Director of Library Services, Boston Public Library


“For seasoned speakers, much of what John and Tim have to say in Living Proof will seem intuitive. It's certainly in-line with my own experiences. Their magic is in presenting it in a brilliant fashion that makes it both accessible and helpful to anyone who wants to change the world and has a story to tell. Before you tell your story, read this book.”

Zach Wahls
Author, My Two Moms


& Living Proof Training

"... helped hundreds of health advocates improve their speaking skills, confidence and delivery."

"... provided participants with an amazing amount of confidence and empowerment."

"... provided me with the right skills and total confidence to speak on national television."

"... greatly helped our clients and I know they will be fine spokespeople."

"... I have never attended a speakers' training session more suited to our work, and to the level of skills in our group."

"... I felt much more comfortable talking to the press after your training."

"... your wonderful session filled me with a confidence that made my media day very easy and enjoyable. In fact, it was FUN!"

"... we came away empowered and enriched."