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The 2015 edition of Living Proof includes new advocate stories, more tips and tools, and expanded chapters on persuasion and social change.

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Living Proof Training

Living Proof authors Tim and John offer customized trainings for individuals, small groups or large projects requiring multiple trainers:

  • Presentation Skill Development
  • Media Interview Skills and Preparation
  • Personal Story Training
  • Non-profit Board Advocacy Training

Work directly with Tim and John to prepare your advocates for success. Join the organizations across the country who are making Living Proof an essential component of their training.

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Who are Tim and John?

For more than 25 years, Tim Cage and John Capecci have helped thousands share personal experiences in the service of a greater good: from "ordinary" people and first-time speakers to experienced presenters and media personalities.


Because there's just no substitute for expert coaching. And stories need listeners. Tim and John specialize in helping speakers reach high levels of confidence and performance. Their methods are interactive, supportive and draw upon years of experience.

  • Guided Workshops
  • Immediate Feedback
  • Expert Tips
  • On Your Feet/On-Camera Practice
  • Follow-up Coaching

What Happens?

"You helped hundreds of health advocates improve their speaking skills, confidence and delivery."

"... provided participants with an amazing amount of confidence and empowerment."

"... provided me with the right skills and total confidence to speak on national television."

"... greatly helped our clients and I know they will be fine spokespeople."

"... filled me with a confidence that made my media day very easy and enjoyable. In fact, it was FUN!"

"... we came away empowered and enriched."